Шедруб Линг

For volunteers

You don’t have to be Buddhist in order to stay in Shedrub Ling as a volunteer. Nevertheless, volunteers are expected to treat respectfully the Buddhist tradition and, as a result, to willingly comply with the rules and restrictions in daily life, implied by it. You don’t have to take part in Buddhist practices and educational events which are held in our Community, however you have full right to ask explanation of the Buddhist doctrine fundamentals and to join us.

General requirements

  • During your stay in Shedrub Ling you should observe the general rules of conduct and the daily routine.
  • If you are under 18 years old, please come with parents or senior companions.
  • Before becoming Shedrub Ling volunteer, please take care of your financial and other obligations, don’t try to avoid them staying with us. We also ask not to come any crime fugitives: remember that local law-enforcement officers come to the mountain periodically, so here you won’t be able to hide from the law.
  • If you have chronic health conditions, you must warn us about it.
  • Don’t bring your pets, unless they are accustomed to live outside in a kennel.
  • Every day after breakfast we appoint the jobs for all day to the volunteers. If for some reason you can't perform the appointed task, address the permanent residents, and they will find a job suitable for you.

Living conditions for volunteers

Besides the general conditions of stay, lodgement and meals in Shedrub Ling (read more here), volunteers are subject to the following conditions:

  • The accommodation is free
  • Bathing days in the cold season are twice a week, in the Summer – daily (provided there's no drought)
  • Charging of electric devices is possible in the working time of the electric generator, so use up the batteries charge of your devices sparingly.
  • Working clothes and footwear is available
  • The first-aid kit with a basic set of medications is available.

What to bring with you

  • Sleeping bag
  • Tourist mat
  • Wind-proof outerwear (there are strong winds on the mountain, and such clothes is the best option). In the cold season woolen socks and multilayered clothing are recommended
  • Comfortable waterproof footwear with a thick sole (we walk mostly on stones). In the warm season bring tourist boots and polyurethane boots, in the Winter — polyurethane boots or felt boots.
  • A change of clothes and underwear)
  • Personal hygienic items (toothpaste and toothbrush, towel, etc.)
  • A torch with replaceable batteries or accumulators; better a headlamp
  • If you need any medications, bring enough for the whole estimated time of stay.