Шедруб Линг

For tourists

Before the 20th century the Mount Kachkanar was visited generally by geologists and natural sciences lovers. Kachkanar became attractive to tourists in the middle of the 20th century. Today the Mount is visited by several thousands of people a year: both to visit Shedrub Ling and to explore the magnificent nature of the mountain.

Shedrub Ling is open both for tourists and pilgrims. You can come to the Temple at any time, and you will be always welcome. However to ensure that your visit gives you only good experience without any problems, please, read with our rules:

  • for all who come to Shedrub Ling there are general rules based on the Buddhist ethics
  • if you want to spend here several days, be ready to face quite tough living conditions
  • preparing for your visit don’t forget to bring appropriate clothes (remember that there is often high humidity and strong winds on the top, and we get snow from September till May)
  • if you are vegetarian, better to bring your own food, as in this climate we can't afford completely vegetarian diet
  • if you plan to stay overnight, bring a sleeping bag
  • • It has become a good tradition to bring to Shedrub Ling some building materials or groceries for the community. To find out what is needed for the construction at the moment you can call the duty phone (+7 965 529 2708). We are always grateful to receive storable food, metal hardware (self-tapping screws, etc.), construction tools.

During the summer period you can stay in tents, so that you don’t’ have to stay in our rooms.

If you plan to stay in Shedrub Ling as a group of several people, we strongly recommend you to let us know in advance about your arrival. The organized tourist groups should read the terms and conditions. Otherwise we cannot guarantee you lodgement and food.