Шедруб Линг

For tourist groups leaders

All tourist groups planning to visit Shedrub Ling should arrange in advance their trip dates and at what time you plan to come to the mountain. It is required in order to avoid crowds and to be able to receive all the guests:

  • in 7 days — for groups who stay overnight with lunch or dinner (no more than 20 people).
  • in 3 days — for groups who plan to stay only for tea and for an excursion in the Temple Complex (no more than 20 people a day).

One meal costs 100 rub. per person (if you’d like to bring groceries or building materials instead, call +7 965 529 2708 in advance and ask what is needed at the moment).

For the companies which organize regular tours: provide data of the person responsible for the group. With good communication we’ll avoid misunderstandings.

All the other conditions of stay in Shedrub Ling for tourist groups are the same as for individual visitors, including living conditions and rules.