Шедруб Линг


Shedrub Ling is the place of studying and the embodiment of the Doctrine of Buddha, therefore the rules of stay and behavior adopted here are based on Buddha's ethical doctrine, namely — on refusal of ten bad acts. These acts include three actions of body, four acts of speeches and three acts of mind. Abstaining from them you will make the visit to Shedrub Ling the most beneficial both for yourself and for others.

  • Don't kill. Abstain from murder and harming other living beings, preferably even insects.
  • Don't take what is not given. Don't take and don't use without permission any objects and tools both in buildings, and in the territory.
  • Don't break chastity. Being in Shedrub Ling refrain from sexual relationship.
  • Don't tell lies. Refrain from intended deception of others and their mislead.
  • Don't promote contentions. Refrain from the words leading to quarrels and misunderstandings between people, even if these words are truthful.
  • Don't be rude. Refrain from using rough, offensive and obscene words.
  • Don't chatter. For the time of your stay in the Temple try to refrain from discussing unrelated matters, telling of useless stories, gossips, etc.
  • Don't foster greed. Refrain from nourishing ideas of taking what is not yours.
  • Don't foster hatred. Refrain from nourishing ideas of harming others.
  • Don't foster false views. Being in the Buddhist temple, refrain from spiteful criticism of the Doctrine of Buddha and contest of his ideas, if only you aren't involved in an appropriate discussion.

It is forbidden:

  • To be in a state of intoxication, as well as to take any liquors and narcotic substances.
  • To talk loudly, to shout, to sing and to play musical instruments.
  • To drop litter, spit, etc. All garbage is thrown to the containers. If you came with a dog don't forget to clean after it.
  • To come in utility and other rooms which aren't intended for visitors without invitation.
  • To leave unattended your children and animals. Don't allow them to run and play in the territory of the Temple, especially in construction sites and on the rocks! It can end tragically.

We recommend:

  • When you are in the sacred place, try not to think about wordly, mundane, domestic matters
  • Keep quiet, benignant and clear state of mind.
  • Respect the nature, the people who live and work here, their belief, customs, other guests of Shedrub Ling and each other.

If for some reason you don't like local rules, and you have come to the Mount Kachkanar as a tourist, then keep in mind that the mountain top is big, and far from the temple you are free to do whatever you like. In this case the Buddhist community isn’t responsible for your safety.