Шедруб Линг

Living conditions

All tourists staying for a couple of days or volunteers living for a rather long time have to share with permanent residents of Shedrub Ling the following living conditions:

  • In the territory everyone observe the day regimen and rules.
  • There are three meals a day. Our community isn't vegetarian: this is due to quite tough living conditions and hard physical work in construction and household chores. We cannot provide separate kitchen for those who don't eat meat; the food is prepared at the same time for everyone — both tourists and volunteers.
  • Sleeping accommodations are organized on the floor in heated rooms. Men and women sleep in separate rooms. We have no furniture for sitting therefore be ready to sit on the floor on pillows.
  • Mobile communication in the territory of Shedrub Ling is steady only at the platform near the bath building. Meanwhile, our duty phone (+7 965 529 2708) is switched on permanently. Better to give this number to your family in advance in case they need to contact you urgently.
  • The toilet is outside

Volunteers have extra living conveniences described here.