Шедруб Линг

Welcome to Shedrub Ling

Shedrub Ling is the Buddhist temple located at Mount Kachkanar in Sverdlovsk region, this is a place dedicated to studying and practice of the Doctrine of Buddha, including public teachings and individual retreats.

It has been founded in may 1995 by lama Tendzin Dokchit (Mikhail Sannikov) according to the will of his Buryat teacher Darma-Dodi Zhalsaraev. Now Shedrub Ling is the only Buddhist temple in the Urals, the center of the Buddhist community, where the believers come from Sverdlovsk region and neighbouring regions of Russia. From the beginning of the 2000-s Shedrub Ling is highly attended by pilgrims and tourists.

The purpose of Shedrub Ling is the preservation and the spreading of the precious Doctrine of Buddha, which is the best way to happiness and to deliverance from suffering for all living beings.

Whether you are going to visit Shedrub Ling as the pilgrim, as the tourist or you plan to stay as a volunteer for some time, — please, study the information provided in this section. Here you can learn how to reach us, what are the conditions of stay and accommodation at Shedrub Ling and how to make the most out of your stay here for you and for others.